Kovo Rotisserie

Kovo Rotisserie is a Greek restaurant in Kingston, NY. In Greek, Kovo means “to cut”. For the logo, we literally cut the second syllable of KOVO with the word ROTISSERIE, making it typographically compact and easier to read. Olive branches decorate each side. 

“The Women of Kovo” are original paintings created especially for the restaurant. We chose Greek women from history that inspired us – Hypatia, a philosopher, Melina Mercouri, a politician, Maria Callas, the opera singer... even a portrait of the restauranteur’s mom. They make a stunning display and add color to the beautiful black and white interior. Read about them in Vogue.

kovo rotisserie
Kovo Kingston
Kovo Kingston
carla rozman kovo kingston

Photo courtesy Visit Vortex

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kovo kingston ny paintings by carla rozman.png
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