Brook Farm

Set of 4 posters for Brook Farm, to be displayed separately or together.

Carla Rozman Amnesty International Steve McCurry Poster

Human Dignity Human Rights

Poster for Amnesty International featuring a photo by Steve McCurry. For Pirtle Design. For more, click here.

Cold Comfort

Call for Entries for KMOCA, the Kingston Museum of Contemporary Art.


Party poster for Jeweler Gabriella Kiss.

Kingston Point Dog Park

Poster for Kingston Point Dog Park, with Woody Pirtle.

Rosendale Street Festival

Poster for the 2007 Rosendale Street Festival, with Woody Pirtle.

The Center for Intimate Arts

Poster for the Center for Intimate Arts.


Posters showcasing a metallic printing technique. For Pirtle Design.

Carla Rozman SoLa-Oceans 8 FIlms Jon Bowermaster


Poster for SoLa, a film by Jon Bowermaster and Oceans 8 Films.

Concrete on Main Street

Poster for artist Johnny Poux's concrete art show on Main Street in Rosendale, NY.

Yes No Carla Rozman Poster Design


Poster illustrating when you say Yes but want to say No.

O Positive Festival Poster Kingston NY Health Care Festival Exchanging Art for Medicine Hudson Valley Graphic Designer Not For Profit Designer O+ Festival

O+ Festival

"The Art of Medicine for the Medicine of Art" for O+ Festival.

carla rozman poster design


Birthday poster for a friend's 44th year.