Paintings at SlideLuck Catskills

I was a featured artist at SlideLuck Catskills, a potluck dinner and artist slideshow, curated by Spencer Tunick and Casey Kelbaugh. Artists included photographers George HolzNigel Parry and Hudson Valley illustrator Thorneater / Will Lytle. The event was sponsored by Brooklyn Brewery and Blue Cashew

Blind Spot, mixed media on vintage print, 2015

Blind Spot, mixed media on vintage print, 2015

Woman in White, acrylic on magazine, 2014

Woman in White, acrylic on magazine, 2014

Design in Paris

We're back from a week in Paris and the French countryside where the design – and landscape – were impeccable. Among the beauty we experienced – castles, wind turbines, perfect little shops with great logos – the most notable design sights were the department store Le Bon Marché (their classic logo doesn't disappoint; and are those sale banners by Craig + Karl?), the simple and elegant Merci, Hotel Providence, and the floor-to-ceiling poster exhibition at le Signe Centre National du Graphisme à ChaumontMagnifiqué!

merci paris
hotel providence paris
le Signe centre national du graphisme à Chaumont 2017 official poster

Thomas Cole National Historic Site

Design and collateral items for the Thomas Cole National Historic Site in Catskill, NY. Their new exhibition, The Parlors, features a new way to experience a historic house museum. We designed their 2017 materials, including invitations, brochures, advertising, and high-end donor materials. The invitation got more comments than any other printed piece they've done!

Paintings for Paripé Books

American, designed by Matt Willey, Art Director of New York Times magazine

Patricio Binaghi (Paripé Books) is creating a book series, American, designed by Matt Willey, Art Director of New York Times magazine. Binaghi asked artists to interpret a series of photos from the 1960s that emulated American life. I selected 4 and painted over them, isolating part of the image to create a piece with new meaning. The books will be released in Fall 2017.

"Profile of an Artist" by Carla Rozman, for the American book series by Paripé Books

Logo for Renee Fit

Renee Darmstadt

Logo and business cards for Renee Fit, the personal training and motivational fitness brand of Renee Darmstadt.

High + Fair

High + Fair Natural Products

Logo and package design for High + Fair, a natural beauty line produced in the Hudson Valley.

The Green Room

The Green Room Organic Hair Care.png

Branding for The Green Room, an organic salon in Gardiner, NY.